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Toppings:  Lavender flowers


Tourmaline: Black tourmaline is ideal for clearing and protecting the aura from negative influences.


Point quartz: Clear quartz crystal is the most useful and versatile of gemstones for metaphysical work. It has the unique property of being “programmable”, meaning you can infuse it with your intention and then it will amplify it.


Himalayan Salt: For centuries pure salt has been used for protection; protection from evil, especially protection in and around the home. Salt is also used for purification, cleansing and dispelling negativity in many magical and traditional rituals. Pure Salts are also used to release attachments, including emotional attachments. It is recommended that those who work in environments of negativity or indirect communication, keep a piece of Pink Halite (Himalayan Salt) on their desk or nearby


Sage: Native Americans and other indigenous peoples have burned sage for centuries as part of a spiritual ritual to cleanse a person or space, and to promote healing and wisdom.


Palo Santo: Shamans and healers, often known as Curanderos, traditionally used the energizing and healing properties of palo santo to purify air, dispel evil spirits, and cleanse negative energy. The wood has also long been used therapeutically to soothe cold and flu symptoms, depression, emotional pain, and other ailments.


Scent:  Lavender


100% All Natural Soy Wax & Cotton Wick 






Best Massage Oil Candle - Melted soy wax doubles as a relaxing massage oil. Simply light the candle, let wax oils melt and pool for 10-20 minutes, blow out candle, and pour oil into hand or directly onto skin. ... With our spout design you can control the release of wax to make ensure that you will not burn the skin.


All our Candles comes with a Cotton Bag and a Kraft Box


Hand Poured in Brentwood California Made In The USA





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  • Artisan Candle Features:

    • Hand Poured Luxury Candle 
    • 100% All Natural Soy Wax & Cotton Wick 
    • 12oz Soy Candle 
    • 75+ Hour Burn Time 
    • Skin Safe
    • Made In The USA



    Candle Care Tips:

    • Trim the wick before each use to avoid soot
    • Allow candle to burn to the outer edge to ensure an even burn
    • Optimal burn time is 4 hours
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