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The Journey To My Dream


As I sit here in gratitude for my life, the people along my path, and the businesses I've built, that little mountain in Peru called Chepén where I entered the world into a life of adversity seems like a distant memory. I spent years becoming a skin expert while working as an esthetician, and it was time I put that skill to work and created gentle products that soothe and heal. My husband could find me up in the middle of the night pouring love and healing into each and every product, because this isn't work for me, it's my passion. I am in awe of the amazing people I get to meet, and my heart is so full when I see my products bring so much joy to people's lives.

I know I'm living my purpose when I see those smiles, get more orders from spas and salons, and hear from customers about how my products profoundly affect their lives. I am dedicated to creating a myriad of healing products, from blessing and chakra balancing candles to plant terrariums and spot cleansing kits.

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